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We offer incredible dishes where authentic flavours and typical Mediterranean cuisine blend each other masterfully in taste. Recipes range from first courses with fresh homemade pasta to flavours from the sea, land and garden, all enhanced by genuine ingredients and selected raw materials.

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Milano, We are pizza friendly!

We strongly believe that pizza is the unit of measurement of equality: whether you prefer it served on a cutting board, white, red or gourmet, it doesn't matter because we are all equal before a good pizza. This is our philosophy. Our secret, however, is the balance between quality raw materials and dough: Yeast-free.


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Choose your favourite pizzas or authentic dishes, place an order directly from the platform and then come to us to pick them up. We are waiting for you

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Getting your group of friends to agree on what and where to eat is really difficult, we understand, but we have thought of that too. Our menu is so extensive and full of tasty recipes that it will please even the most discerning palates. What are you waiting for? Call your mates and visit us.

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